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I've been in the pet grooming industry almost my entire adult life. I got my start at a small local grooming shop in downtown Sacramento, Ca. I learned all the basics and interacted with numerous different animals. After awhile you begin to learn the demeanour of various pet breeds. This allows our level of care to increase as we learn what's important to each breed. From there I ventured out to various other companies and continued to hone my craft. Finally I realized that the only way I could provide the level of excellent service I wanted I would have to start my own company.  So, The Groomsman was born.

Family Ties

Pet grooming runs in my family's blood.  My son and soon my daughter are part of The Groomsman company and they extend the same level of service I do when I am in the field. Of course they had to cut their teeth on the basics and get double certified just as I did.

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We are a mobile grooming service and practice all required safety and sanitation practices.
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